Clearwater Beach Photography - The light is amazing!
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July 13, 2016
By Angela Clifton Photography
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Every time we do a family photography session in Clearwater Beach, we are stunned at the beautiful light and gorgeous sunsets.  But sometimes, we are truly floored!  This was so true at the Hugendubler's family photo session.  What a wonderful family!  The light was a warm, pink and positively glowing; and it truly us at a loss for words.  

Enjoying the beauty had everyone in a great mood, even 5-month-old Graeme and 7-month-old Everett.  You cannot beat those smiles!  We've been Tampa photographers for around 25 years, and in the past 7 years we've found ourselves on the Clearwater beaches around 200 times a year; and this sunset has to rank pretty high on our all-time favorites' list.

We never know what we'll get from day to day, we just feel lucky to enjoy the show.  Come join us!  Click here to schedule your Clearwater Beach photography session today.  We look forward to sharing these moments with you - Moments that Last a Lifetime!

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