Emily & Charlie - Kid photos at Philippe Park
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October 19, 2018
By Angela Clifton Photography
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Philippe Park in Safety Harbor is a perfect location for child photo sessions. It has plenty of space to run and play and a gorgeous backdrop to boot. Emily and Charlie did an amazing job at their session. They were so sweet together.

Tips for child photo shoots:

DRESS THEM COMFORTABLY - Scratchy or ill-fitting clothing is a no-no.

PROMISE A TREAT AFTER THE SESSION FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR - You know your kids best. A trip to the ice cream shop or playground can go a long way to encourage great behavior during the session.

CALM PARENTS = GREAT PHOTOS - Stay calm and trust your photographer will get the shots. With over 25 years experience, know we'll capture plenty of wonderful moments during your session.

COME PREPARED - We recommend an extra change of clothing in case of stains, and it can't hurt to capture more than 1 look during your session. Bring water, comb/brush, and wet wipes. Having snacks directly before or during the session is not a great idea because of crumbs. 

Looking for a photographer to capture your kiddos while they have a great time at the park? Their smiling faces will make great gifts for the holidays. Give us a call 727-946-8129.

Tampa Photographers capture children at Philippe Park

Child Photography at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor Emily and Charlie


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