Melissa's Senior Photo Session at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor
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May 23, 2019
By Angela Clifton Photography
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Melissa is a senior we recently had the pleasure of photographing. Amazing job Melissa! She has modeling experience and made great choices for her outfits. But you don't have to be a model to choose wonderful outfits and pose well for your photos. You'll have a photographer with over 25 years experience guiding you through your session, getting just the right angles and encouraging just the right expressions so we capture the real you.


  • Practice poses in the mirror. It may feel silly at first, but just put your favorite music on and move! You'll start recognizing what poses come naturally to you and you find most flattering. It will also help you feel less self-conscious when you're in front of the camera. No worries, though - Brent will keep you laughing and enjoying your session.
  • Choose your outfits well in advance of your session. Click here to read our Senior Girls What to Wear Guide (Boys guide coming soon!) We recommend at least 2 outfits. Pick one that is more casual and one a little dressier. Feel free to bring your favorite sport or band uniform as well. For girls, have someone take a flash photo of you in these outfits so you get an idea of what they look like in photos. Using flash is important because it lets you know if your outfit will show your bra underneath. We recommend wearing nude undergarments just in case for this reason. Also, you may get hot and sweat through an outfit so having an extra one is handy.
  • Have a family member and/or friend tag along if it will help you feel more comfortable. Sometimes it is helpful when Mom and Dad give the senior some distance.
  • Don't get sun or try a new tanning cream a few days before your session. You don't want to have to purchase retouches for all of your photos to get rid of a sunburn or orange streaks. Yikes! 
  • Don't panic if you get a session day blemish - that is easily covered with a retouch.
  • Bring Argan Oil or your favorite hair product to smooth flyaway hairs.
  • Bring a portable fan, towel and water - especially in the hotter months. 
  • Relax - we got you! We've done hundreds of senior portrait sessions and we'll use our expertise and experience to ensure you have a great time while we take photos that capture the real you.

 Ready to chat about ideas for your custom senior photo session? Great! Click here to request a consultation or give us a call. 727-946-8129 We look forward to working with you and capturing Moments that Last a Lifetime!

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Melissa's Senior Photos at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor

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