Tampa Family Photographer's Tips - Avoid Family Photo Shoot Breakdown
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June 14, 2018
By Angela Clifton Photography
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I was recently chatting with a client about scheduling her family photo shoot, and we were discussing her experience the last time we worked with her and her family. She has 3 young boys. She recalled that she had gotten the boys dressed and ready and then was finishing getting herself ready. When she came out of the bedroom she found her well-dressed boys eating hotdogs. She lost it! "What are you doing eating hotdogs in your good clothes right before our photo shoot?!"

We enjoyed a good laugh, and she went on to share that the boys still bring up the photo shoot day when mom "lost it". Being family photographers for 25 years we know how stressful getting photos done can seem. From our many years of experience, we have come up with some handy tips that will help prevent the dreaded...



1) Be prepared. No, this isn't just for boy scouts. Plan everyone's outfits well in advance of your session. Bringing an extra outfit is always a good idea as well - just in case. However, it isn't just about clothes. Plan the day and the drive over. We all know Tampa area traffic, anticipated traffic delays - Google Maps is your friend. Tip within the tip - plan on being early, this reduces the getting ready and travel tension. 

2) Bring a helper. Having someone along that is not going to be a part of the session can be helpful. If they are a calm, relaxed person that is even better!

3) Comfortable clothing. Avoid scratchy, uncomfortable clothes. That goes for everyone, but especially the little ones. Their discomfort will show on their face and shorten their fuse. 

4) When to get dressed. Get the kids dressed right before you go. This will avoid a potential hotdog fiasco. You can also put Dad's old t-shirts on the kids once they are dressed to keep them as stain-free as possible.

5) Avoid snacks. No snacks before leaving or during the drive to your family photo session guarantees no crumbs on faces or clothes.


6) Keep the kiddos occupied on the drive over. Queue up the DVD, games, music... whatever works. A happy, calm drive over works wonders towards a calm, happy session.

7) Good behavior is rewarded. A trip to the ice cream shop or playground as a reward for listening and cooperating is a great idea.

8) Let go of perfection. So important! The day and the session will probably not go exactly as planned. Lean into what is. Accepting how the day and session are unfolding and appreciating the moment will keep everyone in the flow and help us to capture those amazing candid shots.

9) Following up on #7 - A little spot on clothing, hair out of place or windblown, smudge on the face - it's OK. Even our best efforts can't keep every oopsy from happening. In the event there's a spill or gust of wind, we have a retouch service that can take care of it.

Lastly, and most importantly...

10) Enjoy the moment. We aren't just about product here. We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone enjoys their family photo session day. We create new memories as we capture Moments that Last a Lifetime.


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