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May 01, 2018
By Angela Clifton Photography
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Planning your Tampa area family photo shoot? You've found a photographer you love, and now it's time to prepare for your photo session. You're probably excited about getting some great family shots as well as photos of the kids. Guess what, the kids could care less! Who could blame them?

We've come up with some photo session tips to ensure you and the kids make it through the session, and maybe even have a good time. And most importantly, come away with some amazing Moments that Last a Lifetime!

Photo shoot Tip #1 - Plan ahead.  Have your outfits planned in advanced. You can click here for our What to Wear Guide. Waiting until the day of the session just causes undue stress. Review directions to the session location and check traffic, we all know traffic can change on a dime in the Tampa area. Being prepared will help everyone be in a great mood for your session. 

Photo shoot tip #2 - Be comfortable. Everyone wants to look great in their family photos, but it is just as important for everyone (especially the kids) to be comfortable. Scratchy, uncomfortable clothes are a big no-no. If you're uncomfortable it will show on your face. Keep in mind, heels are not great for the park or beach.

Photo shoot tip #3 - Be calm.  If you've taken care of #1 and #2, you're probably halfway to #3. During a photo session, our goal is to capture the true essence of your family. If everyone is stressed, unfortunately, that is the "you" we're going to capture. Keep breathing throughout your session - long, deep breaths. If it is a long drive to the session location, ensure the kids will be occupied during the drive.

Photo shoot tip #4 - Stay calm. Trust your photographer is going to do their job. When working with kids, we get the shots when we're able; and there is always time in between when the kids are not paying attention, start crying or become stubborn. It happens every session. When parents stay calm and trust we are going to get the shots, this helps kids to calm down quickly and be more cooperative. We bring everyone together for a pose, and then give the kids a little break. Sometimes during these breaks we are able to capture amazing candid moments.

Photo shoot tip #5 - Directing the kiddos. We’ll offer direction to the kids and request they pose or smile, but we will not discipline or be overly assertive with children. We leave that up to the parents.

Photo shoot tip #6 - Rewards can't hurt.  Promising a trip to the ice cream shop after your photo session or some other reward is a great idea. We've had parents do this, and it works pretty well.

Photo shoot tip #7 - Timing is everything. Schedule your photo shoot at the right time of day. Parents, you know your children best. It is best to schedule your session when you know your kids won't be tired and/or hungry.

Photo shoot tip #8 - Let the photographer call the shots. You've invested in our time and talent, and we're more than happy to do our job. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep the little ones looking our way. If someone comes along to assist the photographer in getting your kids' attention during the session, let them know to always stay behind the photographer. This keeps kids looking in the right direction. Also, we find repeatedly calling out a child's name or repeating phrases like "Look over here" doesn't work so well. In this situation, less is more.  

Photo shoot tip #9 - Bring supplies.  It's a good idea to have water, especially if it is a hot day; and having a towel handy can be beneficial. Between the wind and walking around, hair can get out of place, so pack a comb or brush and a mirror. Snacks are not a great idea because they leave crumbs on clothes and mouths. Wet wipes and tissues are always helpful. A lint roller is a great item to have as well.

Photo shoot tip #10 - Bring a shot list. We have many ideas, but we love to hear our clients' thoughts as well. Reviewing our Family Portfolio is great for getting a feel for our work and to find ideas. Keep in mind we will do our best to capture the poses you prefer, but we can't guarantee we'll capture all of them. For a 1hr session, it varies greatly depending on the session, but we can usually capture a minimum of 10 photos and as many as 25 or more.

Photo shoot tip #11 - Keep an open mind. We’ll be showing you the photos on the back of the camera as we progress through the session to ensure you know how things are going and have the opportunity to offer feedback. We may have some ideas you never would have thought of, give us a chance to impress you! 

Photo shoot tip #12 - Have fun! We don't bite. We know that not everyone loves having their photo taken, and that's OK. We'll do our best to put you at ease and get you laughing so you can enjoy your photo session experience. Click here to read what clients have said about their photo sessions. 

Ready to schedule your session? Call or email us today! We look forward to working with you and capturing Moments that Last a Lifetime.


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