Tampa Photographer's Guide to Christmas Photos
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October 13, 2018
By Angela Clifton Photography
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It's hard to believe it's that time of year again! So many things to do, so little time to get them done. We know! Our Fall schedule is filled with families ready to scratch holiday cards and gifts off their list.

We've come up a handy guide for your Christmas photo session, to ensure it goes smoothly. 

1) SCHEDULING - We start booking our holiday photo shoots around August. So booking sooner rather than later ensures we'll have a date/time/location that works best for you. Also, book a time of day that works best for the little ones in the session. 

2) PLAN AHEAD - Some of our clients love to use holiday props and coordinated outfits and others don't. Either way is fine. Just keep in mind, it's best to have your outfits planned in advance. If kiddos are involved, make sure they are comfortable in the outfits you've chosen. Feel free to put one of dad's old t-shirts on them for the ride over the prevent any stains. 

3) BE CALM AND CARRY ON - Being prepared for your session helps you to be calm for your session. This is one of the most important tips of all. If mom and dad are calm, it's far more likely the kids will be as well. There's nothing like a bit of unspoken tension to rile up the little ones, so keep breathing, let go of perfection and enjoy your session.

4) PROPS - Less is more. We welcome our clients' ideas. We want to ensure your session truly represents you and your family. We will also let you know, based on our experience, when something may not work. And because we want to focus on you and your family, cluttering the frame with too many props can be distracting. If you have any questions along these lines, we're always here to help.


5) COMFORT - Dads and kids aren't always super excited about photo shoots; but it's even worse if they're in stiff, uncomfortable, ill-fitting or scratchy clothing. Comfort is key. 

6) BRING MORE THAN 1 OUTFIT - We often recommend to dress in layers and/or bring an additional outfit. This can be helpful on warmer days in case anyone sweats through their shirt, but it's also nice to have an option. Sometimes you don't know how a look is going to photograph until you see the photos. Give yourself an option. We don't recommend outfit changes for sessions shorter than 1hr and if you're wanting to do 2 or more outfit changes we'll probably need 1.5hr or more.


7) REWARD FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR - For those with little ones, a promised trip to the ice cream shop or the playground can work wonders as a treat for good behavior during your family photo session. It may just help us get over those inevitable challenging moments during your photo session. No worries though, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve.

We're here to make sure all goes smoothly, you enjoy your photo session and are thrilled with your photos. We're always just a call away.


Tampa Photographer Christmas Photo Guide

Tips for your Tampa Christmas Family Photo Session

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