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September 19, 2016
By Angela Clifton Photography
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Time and time again, we hear clients express their surprise that they actually enjoyed their family photo session.  Gasp!  We know showing up to have your photo taken is not everyone's cup of tea.  Some people feel awkward in front of a camera, others just would rather be doing something else - Dads wishing they were watching football on Sundays, I'm talking to you.  ;-) Some people just have their fingers crossed the kids will listen and behave.  We get it, we understand completely.  That is why we offer up so many helpful tips to ensure your session goes smoothly and bring a great, fun attitude to each session.  25 years experience and handy tricks up our sleeves doesn't hurt either. 


The Klaves' family portrait session in Clearwater Beach was no exception.  2 1/2-year-old Richard, always on the move, had a great time as you can see by his charming smile.  They were visiting from Chicago, and were thrilled to have us capture Moments that Last a Lifetime as they enjoyed the beach.  They shared their excitement about getting some of the photos on their walls, and something tells me Richard's grandparents are going to be thrilled with their Christmas presents.  Shhh, don't ruin the surprise!


We love being able to create an enjoyable atmosphere, and it's nice to have the evidence to prove it after each session.  As the summer draws to a close, we've been reflecting on the amazing clients from all over the country with whom we've had the honor to work.  Utilizing the beautiful parks and beaches in the Tampa area as our office, and working with so many great clients - we could not feel more blessed.


We look forward to capturing many more smiles this Fall.  Click here or call us (727-946-8129) to schedule your session today - our calendar fills up quick this time of year.  A great experience and Moments that Last a Lifetime - guaranteed. 

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